Costs of Biathlon

Costs for a Biathlete include the following:

  • Club Fees  – Everyone participating in any WCN training or events must purchase a yearly $10 membership. There are various training packages available from single day training sessions of $25 to a full year training package of $250. A printable explanation of West Coast Nordic Club registration can be found here.
  • Biathlon BC Membership – Biathlon BC Memberships provide liability insurance for all the provincial sanctioned biathlon clubs. In order to participate in any WCN training or events a Biathlon BC membership must be purchased. Biathlon BC yearly memberships are divided into categories depending on the age and participation levels of the athletes.
  • Trail Passes – Cross country ski trail passes are very reasonable. Full season passes range from $120 to $220. Individual trail passes range from $8 to $20.
  • Range Fees – Range fees are all included in all of the training packages.
  • Ski Equipment – Ski packages range from $300 for beginners to more than $1200 for advanced skiers. All of the local cross country facilities also provide equipment rentals which range from $15 to $18.
  • Rifle – Biathlon rifles are expensive and range from $2500 to $4000. Used rifles are almost as much as new ones. Rifles are available for rent from the club for $100 per year.
  • Race Fees – Races typically cost about $35 per race with 2 races on a weekend. There are also travel costs, accommodations, and food. WCN subsidizes the costs of the weekends to make them more affordable.
  • Estimated Costs 2015 / 2016 Season  – Here is a pdf which outlines all the costs for the 2015 / 2016 Season.  WCN COSTS